Ceramic veneers failure: a repair and reintervention clinical report


  • Gustavo F. B. Souza
  • Verônica P. Lima
  • Rafael R. Moraes
  • Giana S. Lima




dental veneers; dental restoration failure; dental restoration, permanent; esthetic dentistry.


Introduction and Objective: Although the use of ceramic veneers is widespread, their failures are seldom reported. When fractures do occur, they are often related to treatment planning. This case report describes a 6.5-year follow-up of a restorative treatment involving ceramic laminate veneers on a patient with a nail-biting habit. Case report: After two restorations failed, repair with composite resin was chosen as an intermediary treatment, and the clinical steps until the ultimate replacement of the ceramics are described. Results and Conclusion: The repair resulted in postponing the restorations replacement for almost five years. It highlights that replacement does not need to be the first treatment option in cases of failures of feldspar ceramic laminate veneers. These failures may be managed conservatively with a composite resin repair, with the advantage of postponing the need for replacement.




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Gustavo F. B. Souza, Verônica P. Lima, Rafael R. Moraes, & Giana S. Lima. (2024). Ceramic veneers failure: a repair and reintervention clinical report. RSBO, 21(1), 152–7. https://doi.org/10.21726/rsbo.v21i1.2348



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