Shade selection for natural tooth color replication on porcelain laminate veneers


  • Leonardo Fernandes da Cunha
  • Ricardo Susin Schelbauer
  • Helton Costa
  • Lucas Fernando Tabata
  • Daniella Birnbaum Pessoa de Mello
  • Patrícia Valeria Manozzo Kunz
  • Samantha Schaffer Pugsley Baratto
  • Flares Baratto-Filho
  • Isabela Ribeiro Madalena



dental esthetics; dentistry, operative; integrative dentistry.


The final color of dental ceramics depends on different factors such as light source, substrate, and selected material (thickness, contour, and texture). Objective: To report a clinical case in which a predictable protocol is used to optimize the final color of porcelain laminate veneers. Case report: A male patient attended the dental clinic dissatisfied with the composite resin restorations made on his upper anterior teeth. After anamnesis and clinical examination, it was suggested that the resin restorations be replaced by laminated porcelain veneers. A diagnostic wax-up was performed. The mock[1]up was also used to evaluate the aesthetic length for replicating the details of the incisal edge and the shape and size of the embrasures. The shade was selected before composite resin removal to avoid dehydration of the dental substrate. A photograph was taken to guide the selection of colors in different thirds. After removing the restorations, another photograph was taken to evaluate the color of the substrate. The impression was taken with 000 retractor wire and addition silicone. The laminates were made with pressed ceramic and feldspathic porcelain veneers were subsequently applied by layering the layers of dentin, incisal edge and enamel based on the waxing diagnosis. After approval by the patient, a conventional cementation technique was performed. The occlusal adjustment was made with rubber polishing cups and the anterior and lateral guides were checked. Conclusion: The protocol recommended for successful selection of the color of a porcelain laminate relies on the combination of knowledge of concepts, resources such as shade guides, spectrophotometers, and photographs, and porcelain application and characterization techniques performed by the technician and luting techniques by the dentist.




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Leonardo Fernandes da Cunha, Ricardo Susin Schelbauer, Helton Costa, Lucas Fernando Tabata, Daniella Birnbaum Pessoa de Mello, Patrícia Valeria Manozzo Kunz, … Isabela Ribeiro Madalena. (2023). Shade selection for natural tooth color replication on porcelain laminate veneers. Revista Sul-Brasileira De Odontologia, 20(2), 464–09.