Different managements for surgical approaches in the aesthetic and functional treatment of type IB altered passive eruption


  • Karine Guedes Escobar
  • Eduarda Cardoso de Oliveira
  • Eduardo Trota Chaves
  • Gabriel Bittencout Damin
  • Edvin Walter Brito Gomes
  • Bruna de Oliveira Freitas
  • Edson Vargas Nunes
  • Thiago Azario de Holanda
  • Thiago Marchi Martins




periodontics; dental esthetic; gingivectomy; crown lengthening


Aesthetics has been one of the most discussed and explored subjects in today’s dentistry. Therefore, the search for procedures aimed at facial harmonization has been more frequent in dental offices. The gingival smile is characterized by excessive gingival exposure to the smile being one of the main complaints of the patients who seek a dental surgeon in order to obtain facial aesthetics, being able to present different causes. It is extremely important to correctly diagnose each case so that the correct etiology is stable and successful in the treatment to be performed. Objective: In the present paper, two clinical cases of patients with complaints of gingival smile and short teeth were reported in which the etiology of both was type IB altered passive eruption. Case report: Due to the individual characteristics of each patient, each case was solved with different surgical approaches. In the first case, the patient had a thick periodontium and therefore the clinical crown lenghtening procedure was performed through the internal bevel gingivoplasty with osteotomy and osteoplasty. In the second case, the patient had a thin periodontium, and it was possible to perform a clinical crown lenghtening using the flapless technique. Conclusion: Therefore, although both cases present the same etiology, different periodontal surgical techniques were used, which allowed for satisfactory results for the patients.




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Karine Guedes Escobar, Eduarda Cardoso de Oliveira, Eduardo Trota Chaves, Gabriel Bittencout Damin, Edvin Walter Brito Gomes, Bruna de Oliveira Freitas, … Thiago Marchi Martins. (2023). Different managements for surgical approaches in the aesthetic and functional treatment of type IB altered passive eruption. RSBO, 20(2), 450–06. https://doi.org/10.21726/rsbo.v20i2.2125