Motorcycle accidents and high energy midface fractures: a critical review and illustrative case


  • Carolina Chaves Gama Aires
  • Eugênia Leal de Figueiredo
  • Bruno José Carvalho Macêdo Neres
  • Belmiro Cavalcanti do Egito Vasconcelos
  • Ricardo José de Holanda Vasconcellos



facial injuries; facial bones; motorcycles.


Accidents involving motorcycle riders often result in maxillofacial injuries and fractures to the midfacial skeleton are common injuries in patients who sustain high-energy trauma to their face. Objective: The aims of this study were to perform a review of the relationship between motorcycle accidents and high energy trauma resulting in midface fractures and to report the case of a motorcycle accident victim who developed a complex fracture pattern of the midface structures. Case report: A 33 year-old man, victim of a motorcycle accident and developed a complex fracture of the midfacial skeleton is reported. Surgical planning included submental intubation using a nasofibroscope and several approaches were performed to the arrangement of the midface fractures. Results/ Discussion: The rates of facial fractures caused by motorcycle accidents tend to increase, especially in developing countries. This increase is also associated with the use of motorcycles for commercial purposes. Young men are the group most involved in this type of accident. The use of helmets is related to lower morbidity in high energy trauma and facial injuries. Conclusion: Fracture patterns involving the midfacial skeleton are directly related to high-energy traumas such as those caused by motorcycle accidents. Prevention campaigns should be encouraged to reduce the high rates of facial injuries among motorcyclists.




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Carolina Chaves Gama Aires, Eugênia Leal de Figueiredo, Bruno José Carvalho Macêdo Neres, Belmiro Cavalcanti do Egito Vasconcelos, & Ricardo José de Holanda Vasconcellos. (2023). Motorcycle accidents and high energy midface fractures: a critical review and illustrative case. RSBO, 20(2), 442–09.