Zircônia e resina composta nanoparticulada em dentes anteriores fraturados: relato de caso clínico Zirconia and nanoparticulate composite resin on fractured anterior teeth: a clinical case report

Katiane Vieira Menezes Leite, Gustavo Ross Kinder, Leonardo Fernandes da Cunha, Gisele Maria Correr, Carla Castiglia Gonzaga, Roberta Santos Domingues


Introduction: Fractures at upper anterior teeth are common. In root fracture cases, a dental implant approach proves to be a viable alternative sometimes. Several materials can be used in implant rehabilitation processes. Zirconia, a proven material for restorative purposes, is being employed for biological, functional, and aesthetic ends. In other situations, only the fractured teeth’s restoration with composite resin can rehabilitate their aesthetics and use. Objective: The purpose hereof is to report the use of the immediate implant
installation technique after an upper incisor extraction with the diagnosis of root fracture, and a coronary fracture zirconia rehabilitation and restoration with a composite resin. Case report: A 24-year-old patient fractured the left central and lateral upper incisors. Tooth 21 received a zirconia crown implant and tooth
22 was treated with a composite resin made with nanotechnology. Conclusion: Zirconia and composite resin are materials that present satisfactory biological, functional, and aesthetic features to restore fractured anterior teeth.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21726/rsbo.v1i1.591


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