Split crest technique: a solution for atrophic anterior maxilla – case report

Vanessa Marques Delai, Leonardo Brunet Savaris, Fábio Furquim, Paulo Roberto Camati, Aline Monise Sebastiani, Tatiana Miranda Deliberador, Rafaela Scariot, João César Zielak


Introduction: The rehabilitation of atrophic anterior maxilla can be done by different techniques. Among the procedures for bone augmentation, we can use block grafting, guided bone regeneration, and split crest technique (SCT). SCT consists in bone crest osteotomy, followed by manual/mechanical expansion up to the splitting of the buccal plate from the lingual/palatal plate through greenstick fracture. SCT advantage is the possibility of simultaneously installing a dental implant. However, SCT planning should consider the remaining bone width and the the flap type to obtain success. Objective: To report a case of implant-supported rehabilitation of an atrophic anterior maxilla using the split crest technique with insertion of 4 immediate implants, showing the effectiveness of the technique.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21726/rsbo.v1i4.552


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