Treatment of peri-implantitis with surface decontamination and particulate bone graft in a smoker patient

Marina Samara Baechtold, Aline Rocha Miquelissa, Viviane Rozeira Crivellaro, Rafaela Scariot, João César Zielak, Tatiana Miranda Deliberador


Introduction: With the increase of implant-supported rehabilitation, the cases of patients with peri-implantitis become more frequent. Objective: To report the treatment of peri-implantitis by associating techniques of surface decontamination and particulate bone graft. Case report: The treatment was carried through curettage of the granulation tissue, mechanical bone decontamination with
bicarbonate jet, chemical decontamination with tetracycline solution, and particulate graft in the place of the bone defect. Conclusion: After 45 postoperative days, the peri-implant tissues were health without inflammation. After 6 postoperative months, the bone defect was repaired.



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