Two-year clinical performance of cast post and core self-adhesive cementation

Igor Alessando Gontarski, Marcos Cezar Pomini, Sthelen Nayara Cenci, Giovana Mongruel Gomes, Lidia Olga Bach Pinheiro, Adriana Postiglione Buhrer Samra


Introduction and Objective: Endodontically treated teeth commonly present extensive tissue loss, requiring the use intraradicular posts, which provide retention for a coronal rehabilitation. Cast post and cores (CPCs) have been traditionally used in cases of marked tooth tissue loss. Case report: This case report describes two cast post and cores and subsequent rehabilitation by metal ceramic crowns. The patient was followed-up at intervals of 12 and 24 months after the rehabilitation. The posts were cemented within the root canal with self-adhesive resin cement, in a way that guarantees a perfect sealing of the root and remains stable in the oral environment. Conclusion: Self-adhesive cements are a one-step material capable of providing additional chemical adhesion to the metal, creating a monoblock, quality not found in conventional resin cements, where the adhesion occurs only in the dentin-cement interface.



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