Prevalence of oropharynx cancer caused by HPV compared with genital cancer

Rafaela Guimarães Resende, Fernanda Garcia Krinski, Allan Fernando Giovanini


Introduction: For a long time, the literature has established that HPV may be associated to pharynx cancer. Objective: To verify the number of publications in three different databases on the prevalence of oral, esophageal, penile, and cervical-vaginal cancer associated with HPV. Material and methods: The publications were verified in Pubmed, Lilacs, and Bireme databases; the keywords “mouth cancer”, “esophageal cancer”, “penile cancer”, and “cervical vaginal cancer”
were associated with HPV. Data were tabulated in absolute numbers. Results: In all databases, the number of cervical carcinoma was much larger than that of other cancers. Conclusion: The number of cervical cancer was the most found associated with HPV because of the histological and specific functional conditions of this site.



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