CVDentus bur for epithelial abrasion in the treatment of melanin pigmentation: case report

Katiane Vieira Menezes Leite, Patrícia Oliveira de Souza, Jussania Fonseca da Paz, Ana Beatriz Franco Fernandes, Leonardo Fernandes da Cunha, Gisele Maria Correr


Introduction: The gingival melanin hyperpigmentation (GMH) is resulted from an abnormal deposition of melanin, but it is not a pathology. However, GMH is an esthetic problem for some people. Some alternatives of treatment for this situation exist. The epithelial abrasion has been an interesting alternative because it has a satisfactory esthetic outcome, is a fast procedure, of easy execution, and low cost. Recently, tips adapted in ultrasound (CVDentus) can be
an alternative approach. Objective: To report a clinical case of GMH treated by the technique of the epithelial abrasion with association of instrument adapted in ultrasound. Case report: Patient aged 28 years, melanoderm, sought treatment due to esthetic dissatisfaction because of intense dark color in the maxillary gingiva. The GMH removal was proposed through the technique of the epithelial
abrasion CVD bur. Conclusion: The technique of epithelial abrasion using CVD bur was effective in removing GMH at one-year follow-up showing to be easy and safe technique.



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