Critical analysis of methodologies for valuation of esthetic damage and the forensic application in Brazil

Flávia Vetter, Rodrigo Torres Pereira, Lilian Lígia Block, Wellington Menyrval Zaitter, Rogério Nogueira de Oliveira, Mário Marques Fernandes


Introduction: The esthetic damage is any pejorative modification in static or dynamic expression, perceived by any sense, affecting the image of the person. The esthetic damage repair has legal support in Brazilian legislation. Objective: to systematize the different existing methods for valuation of esthetic damages, critically analyze their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages; and evaluate whether these methods would have been validated in any population inside or outside of Brazil. Literature review: The adoption of the use of tables, formulas and coefficients was insufficient to overcome the limitations of each method, such as those supported by the measurement of a single scar or by the teeth. Conclusion: All available subjective methods, except for AIEL method did not have
scientific evidence, lacking validation in any country, and requiring proof of methodology.



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