In vitro evaluation of gutta-percha dissolution ability of different solvents

Kelly Santana de Oliveira, Flávia Sens Fagundes Tomazinho, Monique Marchiori, Marilisa Carneiro Leão Gabardo, Sérgio Herrero Moraes, Maria Isabel Anastácio Faria


Introduction: The removal of the filling material during the Endodontic retreatment is essential, so a better action of solvents on the gutta-percha is desired. Objective: To evaluate in vitro the gutta-percha dissolution ability of different solvents. Material and methods: Four solvents (xylol, eucalyptol, citrol, and orange oil) were applied on gutta-percha points, which had been later submitted to the weight loss analysis at 2, 5, and 10 minutes. For each solvent, 30 size #60 main cones were used, divided into three groups. Distilled water was used as control group. The statistical test applied was Kruskal-Wallis. Results: No statistically significant difference occurred among the solvents at 2 minutes (p > 0.05); however, during this period, citrol had the best performance. In longer time intervals, the xylol showed differences compared to eucalyptol at 5 minutes and to eucalyptol and citrol at 10 minutes (p < 0.05). The worst results were found for eucalyptol. Conclusion: This xylol was the
solvent with improved ability to dissolve the gutta-percha points, with better results at longer time periods.



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