Tooth alveolus repositioning of impacted canine – case report

Vitor Hugo Candido Ferreira, Guilherme Strujak, João Luiz Carlini


Impacted teeth with complete root formation in adult patients is challenging for both the surgeon and orthodontist. Described for more than 40 years and still rarely used, the technique of tooth alveolus repositioning has excellent treatment results in these cases. Objective: To report the case of a impacted canine in an adult patient, not responsive to standard surgical orthodontic traction, managed through the technique of tooth alveolus repositioning. Case report: Male patient, 28 years old, with presence of tooth #23 impacted and with no success to standard surgical orthodontic traction. To return the tooth in position and function the treatment performed was repositioning the alveolar block. After two years of follow-up the tooth stays in the ideal position, without root resorption and with pulp vitality. Conclusion: The tooth alveolus repositioning proved to be a good treatment option, restoring function and esthetics and reaching the expectations of both the patient and professionals.



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