High mandibular ramus fracture – endoscopy treatment: a case report in adult

Fernanda Tiboni, Rafaela Scariot, Andrea Oliveira Gebert, Luciana Signorini


Fractures of the mandibular condylar region are very common, but treatment is controversial; the same fracture can be treatment by either conservative treatment or surgery. When surgery is chosen, the search for the best surgical access also has many doubts. The options for open surgical accesses are: pre-auricular, submandibular, and retromandibular. For intraoral access (similar
to sagittal osteotomy of the ramus), the aid of endoscopy, an image equipment, enables the perpendicular visualization of the fracture. Case report: In this clinical case, the authors describe a high mandibular ramus fracture in which the intraoral approach was used associated with endoscopy for the reduction and fixation of
the fracture. Conclusion: Success of the radiographic and clinical outcome could be observed by the anatomical reduction of the fracutre and the solution of the patient’s requests.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21726/rsbo.v1i2.411


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