Esthetic rehabilitation of anterior teeth through gingival recontouring and ceramic veneers: a case report

Orides Ferrari Jr, Fernando Dalitz, Marina Samara Baechtold, Ubiracy Gaião Gaião, Leonardo Fernandes da Cunha, Carla Castiglia Gonzaga, Gisele Maria Correr


Esthetic rehabilitations require a broad and thorough evaluation of all the elements that make up the smile such as lips, dental, and periodontal structures to plan the treatment to provide harmony to the whole set. Objective: To demonstrate through a case the association of Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry in the esthetic rehabilitation of anterior teeth replacing resin restorations by modifying the gingival architecture conservatively and harmonically. Case report: It is essential for a multidisciplinary approach to 
succeed in treatment. The replacement of previous restorations is an increasing demand in currently clinical practice, for many reasons, mainly due to dissatisfaction with the esthetics. It is observed that many of these patients involve not only dissatisfaction with the dental structure but also with the periodontal health, for this reason, it is necessary a previous adaptation of the gingival tissues for proper restorative rehabilitation. Conclusion: Ceramic laminates have proved to be a great choice for anterior teeth restorations, but they must be indicated in specific situations, to obtain excellent results as most conservative as possible.



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