Chronic maxillary osteomyelitis secondary to chronic maxillary sinusitis in non-immunocompromised patient – a rare case report and its management

Sulabha A. Narsapur, Sameer Choudhari, Zameer Pasha


Osteomyelitis is an inflammation of medullary portion of bone along with cortex and periosteum. It is one of most difficult infectious diseases to treat. Facial bones are prone to osteomyelitis due to various predisposing condition. Osteomyelitis of maxilla is rare disease and less frequently encountered. Objective: The aim of the article is to present an unusual case of chronic maxillary osteomyelitis secondary to rhinogenic which are rarely clinically causes. Case report: We hereby report a case of chronic maxillary osteomyelitis in 70-year-old non-immunocompromised patient 
secondary to chronic maxillary sinusitis. Complete resolution of chronic maxillary osteomyelitis was achieved by combination of antimicrobial therapy and surgical treatment. Conclusion: Clinician should identify such risk and provide the aggressive treatment modalities to avoid subsequent dreaded consequences.



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