Regenerative endodontic treatment of teeth with incomplete root formation: a review

Lincon Hideo Nomura, Rodrigo Otavio Jatahy Ferreira do Amaral, Carla Frehner Andrade, Nathaly Dias Morais, Flares Baratto-Filho, Denise Piotto Leonardi


Endodontic treatment of teeth with open apex requires a non-conventional approach and the goals new therapies are to allow root’s complete development differently from what happens with traditional apexification technique. Objective: This study aimed to review the literature on the most recent regenerative endodontic
procedures. Literature review: Regenerative endodontics goal is to obtain pulp vitality. Some case reports on donor-obtained dental stem cells show promising results. Other types of laboratory-based dental stem cell therapies are under development. Conclusion: Dentin-pulp complex shows regenerative capacity, but the literature lacks evidence to validate the regenerative therapies in endodontic



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