Correction of gummy smile prior to restorative procedures: case report

Felipe Rychuv Santos, Fernanda Torres Zamboni, Paula Sayuri Yamaguchi, Carmen Lucia Muller Storrer Storrer, Fernando Henrique Ruppel Osternack, Naylin Danyele de Oliveira, Tatiana Miranda Deliberador


Techniques for aesthetic purposes are being frequently used in dental practice due to social context. These techniques can be used to correct concomitant disharmonies in smile. This clinical case aimed to provide a harmonious smile
combining the techniques of gingivoplasty and direct veneers on the maxillary anterior teeth. Case report: The gingivoplasty with clinical crown augmentation sought to correct defects present in tooth-gingival anatomy, resulting in arealignment of the gingival contour. Conclusion: The direct veneer technique with composite resins was elected for closing the interincisal diastema and correction the size of the involved teeth, providing a more aesthetic dental anatomy.



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