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Author Guidelines

The South Brazilian Dentistry Journal– RSBO was created with the mission of contributing significantly to the studies in Dentistry, thus providing scientific knowledge for researchers, graduate students and dental professionals. The RSBO journal is intended to publish original research articles, case reports and literature reviews in all areas of dentistry. The articles are geared to the academic and professional audience, addressing topics of interest and scientific and technological advances in the area.

The publication rules of this journal are based on the Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals (The Vancouver style).


Manuscripts should be sent to the editor of the journal along with the Article Submission Letter to RSBO. They should be sent by electronic submission ( to:

Editor-in-chief: Professor Dr. Flares Baratto Filho (


1 - General rules

1.1 - The South Brazilian Dentistry Journal is published quarterly, with articles in English.

1.2 - The articles sent for publication should be original, and therefore the submission of the same study in any other periodical (by printed and/or electronic means) is not allowed. The RSBO journal will have copyrights reserved for the published article and its reproduction or transcription is allowed upon the proper citation of the source.

1.3 - Studies involving human beings and animals, including isolated organs (teeth) and/or tissues, as well as clinical charts or clinical test results, should be in accordance with the resolutions of the original country and they should be submitted to the Ethics Committee of the institution where the study was developed. In "Material and Methods", it is necessary to state a sentence asserting the Ethics Committee approval. If deemed necessary, the editor may request a copy of the Ethics Committee approval.

1.4 - Articles should be sent by electronic subsmission ( with the color images in separate JPG or TIFF files, which should have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi

1.5 - Authors should sign an Article Submission Letter to RSBO, that is, a document introducing the article (with the title and authors of the article). This same letter must also state that the authors assume responsibility for the content and originality of the article and that they transfer the copyrights to the journal in case the article is accepted. The letter must be signed by every author, then scanned (JPG format). A copy of this letter is available in the journal's site. Articles sent without the submission letter will be immediately returned.

1.6 - After receiving the papers, the editor will make a first revision, and in case of approval the articles will be sent to scientific reviewers for appreciation. This evaluation will be a peer blind review and it determines the acceptance of the article. The request for corrections and/or suggestions will not indicate the acceptance of the article, but only the possibility of a new analysis by the reviewers.

1.7 - The RSBO journal supports the policies for clinical trials registration of World Health Organization (WHO) and of International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE), thus recognizing the importance of these initiatives for registration and international dissemination of information on clinical studies, in open access. Therefore, only articles of clinical trials that have received a registration number in one of the Registers of Clinical Trials validated by the criteria established by WHO and ICMJE, whose addresses are available in the ICMJE's site, will be accepted for publication. The registration number should be included at the end of the abstract.


2 - Presentation of the articles

2.1 - Articles should be on A4 paper size, 12 point font size, Times New Roman, double-spaced, with right and left margins of 3 cm, top and bottom margins of 2.5 cm, and a maximum of 20 (twenty) pages (including images), with 25 (twenty-five) lines each. Manuscripts should be typed (Microsoft Word 6.0 or higher version).

2.2 - Tables and charts should be numbered with Roman numerals and introduced by a short and objective presentation, thus providing a good understanding of the study, and they should be included within the text of the article (they should be sent in separate files too).

2.3 - Figures and graphs should be numbered with Arabic numerals, and images should be sent in separate JPG or TIFF files, in color (minimum resolution of 300 dpi).. Figures, graphs and captions should be included within the text of the article as well.

2.4 - The page number should appear on the bottom right corner, except for the cover page.

3 - Structure of the article -

3.1 - Structure of the article - 'Article' File

  • Title of the article: in English - 14 point font size, capital letters.
  • Abstract: In a single paragraph it must summarize what was done in the following items: Introduction, Objective, Material and methods (case report or literature review), Results and Conclusion.
  • Keywords: 3 expressions that identify the content of the article. The DeCs (Health Sciences Descriptors) should be considered to do so, available at Bireme's site:
  • The following items must appear: introduction, material and methods, results, discussion, conclusion and references.
  • Names of registered medicines and materials, as well as commercial products, must appear in parentheses only once (at the first time) after being reported.
  • References:
    Pay careful attention to this item, since the articles will be returned in case the references are not according to the rules.
  • References must be listed in alphabetical order of names, with lowercase letters, in ascending order.
  • When indicating the references within the text, the number of the list of references must be put in brackets (the name of the authors and date of publication may be added). In case there are two authors, both should be quoted by using the conjunction "and".
  • With regards to the list of references, if there are more than six (6) authors the name of the first six authors must be quoted followed by et al.
  • When citing journals in the references, they should be abbreviated according to Index Medicus, available In case of national journals, Bireme's site must be considered for this search:
  • Periodicals:
    Wilcox LR. Thermafill retreatment with and without chloroform solvent. J Endod. 1993 Feb;19(4):563-6.
    Wilcox LR, Juhlin JJ. Endodontic retreatment of Thermafill versus laterally condensed gutta-percha. J Endod. 1994 Jul;20(6):115-7.
    Baratto Filho F, Ferreira EL, Fariniuk LF. Efficiency of the 0.04 taper ProFile during the re-treatment of gutta-percha-filled root canals. Int Endod J. 2002 Ago;35(8):651-4.
  • Books:
    Soares IJ, Goldberg F. Endodontia técnica e fundamentos. 1. ed. Porto Alegre: Artmed; 2001. p. 201-5.
  • Articles from the internet:
    Morse SS. Factors in the emergence of infectious diseases. Emerg Infect Dis [serial online] 1995 Jan-Mar [cited 1996 Jun 5]; 1(1): [24 screens]. Available from: URL:

Quotes to abstracts, chapters of books, articles in press, dissertations and thesis will not be accepted anymore.

Non-native and native English speaker authors who would like writing assistance before paper submission may contact RSBO’s official translator for editing/translation service. All services are paid for and arranged by the author, and use of these services does not guarantee acceptance or preference for publication.

RSBO’s official translator contact:

Luciana Lourenço Ribeiro Vitor



Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.

  1. Article Submission Letter to RSBO