Influence of non-surgical periodontal therapy on the glycemic control of type 2 diabetic patients: case reports

  • Maria Caroline Rios Piecha
  • Taciane Menezes da Silveira
  • Caroline Fernandes e Silva
  • Natália Marcumini Pola
Palavras-chave: periodontal disease; diabetes mellitus; dental scaling.


Periodontal disease and diabetes mellitus present a bidirectional relationship in which one condition may influence the other. It is assumed that non-surgical periodontal therapy (scaling and root planning) could decrease the pro-inflammatory mediators, restoring periodontal health and the balance of glycemic control. Objective: To report the glycemic control of two type-2 diabetes patients with periodontal disease, who received non-surgical periodontal therapy and supportive periodontal therapy. Case report: Both patients were initially evaluated, and the delineated treatment plan included prophylaxis, manual scaling and root planning sessions and oral hygiene instructions. The patients were evaluated at baseline and after 30- and 60-days post-treatment, for the clinical parameters (visible plaque index, gingival bleeding index, probing pocket depth, clinical attachment level, bleeding on probing and dental mobility) and 90-days post treatment for the glycated hemoglobin and fasting plasma glucose. Results: The results showed a significant improvement in periodontal clinical parameters in both patients, as well as a decrease in their glycemic indices. Conclusion: Non-surgical periodontal therapy promoted improvement of periodontal parameters and also systemic health of individuals.

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