Main factors involved in facial trauma sports-related

  • Thiago Maciel Valente
  • Thais Maciel Valente
  • Fernanda Assunção Tiraboschi
  • Armando Nicodemos Lucena Felinto
  • Luiz Philipe de Souza Ferreira
  • Danilo Lopes Ferreira Lima
  • Paulo Henrique Palácio Duarte Fernandes
Palavras-chave: sports injuries; facial trauma; orofacial trauma.


Sports practice has demonstrated several health benefits for the population. Despite the benefits, there may also be an increase in the risk of traumas associated with these activities, the most common types being those involving the face. The study aimed to carry out a review about facial trauma. Material and methods: This study is a review performed in April 2020 that used articles available at Latin American and Caribbean Health Sciences Literature (LILACS), Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System Online (MEDLINE) and PubMed database. A total of 1,288 articles were found, after applying filters and analysis: 14 articles were selected to compose this study. Results: Although personal protective equipment has great importance, many sports practitioners still neglect its use, due to the cost, inconvenience, and lack of guidance, even with its proven efficiency. This neglect increases the risk of traumas, which are frequent in team and combat sports. Amid traumas, stand out lacerations and dental trauma are the most common injuries, depending on the sport practiced. Conclusion: The typical injury mechanisms are collision between players, hitting the ground and contact between players with the equipment worn.

Literature Review Article